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1. Meeting

Please send me the request. you can choose the contact methods from Email and SNS. Also please tell me the work content (image of the character, composition and color, reference image/URL ,etc.), budget, delivery date, purpose of use, transfer of copyright, size (Basically Size 2500*2500px~A4 [2894*4093px], Resolution 350dpi) and format (PNG, JPG). Please make payment by Paypal. After confirming payment, I will restart work.
*I will not draw grotesque, adult, hate arts. Also, I may refuse the character exposed more than a general swimsuit.If you agree with the amount I presented, I will start to draw rough illustration.

2. Rough

I will send you rough illustration. Please check. At that time, if there is a problem in the rough illustration, I will revise such as composition, character design and so on up to 3 times for free of charge.

3. Finishing

After completion, I will send you illustration. Please check. At that time, if there is a problem in the illustration, I will revise detail such as, color and decoration and so on up to 2 times for free of charge.
*Extra fee will be charged for major modifications and additions at the finishing stage.

4. Deliver

I will deliver illustration by attached file of email or online storage. I am glad when you enjoy the illustration!

Price List

Image Size Rates Days Ex.
Character Rough $5 1
Head shot $15 1-3
waist up $30 3-5
Fullbody $45 5-7
Small $10 – $15 1-2 Hamster, small bird, fish
Medium $15 – $40 2-5 Dog, cat, dolphin, horse
Large $40 – 5-7 Whale, dinosaur, dragon
Item Small $10 – $25 1-3 Bags, flowers, books
Medium $25 – $40 3-5 Weapons, furniture
Large $40 – 5-7 Vehicle, Building single body
Background Small $5 – $20 1-2 Abstract, rough and simple background
Medium $20 – $40 3-7 Room, in town, natural landscape
Large $80- 7-14 Overall view of the city, etc.

* $ = USD
* +20% of the estimated price : Add New Design
* $3 ~ : The difference illustration, the fourth and subsequent retake costs.


It is an amount assumed to be used only once in principle for purposes agreed at the meeting. Copyright and author’s moral rights belong to S. However, it is possible to reuse it for the purpose of advertisement of the object to be used. For example, such as to advertise a book on which my illustration was posted. For unlimited use, please pay the “copyright transfer fee” below. Moreover, I shall not be held responsible for any cause regardless, for any consequences resulting from use of the illustration.

Copyright Transfer Fee

+ 50% of the estimated price : Transfer of copyright property (copy rights, lending rights, translation rights, adaptation rights, etc.).
+ 70% of the estimated price : Transfer of copyright property and do not exercise the moral rights of author (public announcement right, name display right, identity holding right).

Cancellation Carge

① Meeting stage : Free
② Rough stage : +30% of the estimated price
③ Finishing stage : +80% of the estimated price
④ Delivery stage : +100% of the estimated price
* If there is no progress in production for morethan one month it will be treated as cancellation.


* If there is no reply please contact each SNS.
* please understand that I do not reply for requests of free.